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Type SSCursor

          object --+    
          BaseCursor --+
          object --+   |
                   |   |
CursorTupleRowsMixIn --+
          object --+   |
                   |   |
CursorUseResultMixIn --+

This is a Cursor class that returns rows as tuples and stores the result set in the server.

Method Summary
    Inherited from CursorUseResultMixIn
Fetchs all available rows from the cursor.
  fetchmany(self, size)
Fetch up to size rows from the cursor.
Fetches a single row from the cursor.
    Inherited from BaseCursor
  __init__(self, connection)
  callproc(self, procname, args)
Execute stored procedure procname with args
Close the cursor.
  execute(self, query, args)
Execute a query.
  executemany(self, query, args)
Execute a multi-row query.
Advance to the next result set.
  setinputsizes(self, *args)
Does nothing, required by DB API.
  setoutputsizes(self, *args)
Does nothing, required by DB API.
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